Killer Air:  A dangerous reality for low-income minorities

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Air pollution in Orlando agitated Latoya Lee’s asthma. Her recent death from cardiac arrest shocked family and friends, but has motivated environmental activists.  (HuffPost)

Aging Out

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Ageism is a widely accepted form of discrimination that affects all of us. The youth are regarded as inexperienced and entitled, while older people are widely seen as inept mentally and physically. There is evidence, however, that these are false narratives.  (HuffPost)

Drastic Changes to New Orleans Housing

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Residents in New Orleans say their neighbors are vanishing, pushed out by rapid, Airbnb-created gentrification. (HuffPost)


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Birmingham has long been touted as a beacon of diversity, but a closer look shows segregated communities where residents may tolerate one another, but are not integrating. Some argue their living arrangements are by choice; others say the city is a representation of a divided and segregated nation that warrants concern.  (HuffPost)

Tiny Homes for a Growing Epidemic

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For homeless people in Eugene, Oregon, these tiny homes can be the difference between life and death.  (HuffPost)

The Mormon Church's [Alleged] Role in LGBTQ Youth Suicides In Utah

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Utah’s suicide rate has tripled since 2007 and suicide is the leading cause of death among the state’s children ages 10 to 17.  Empirical data is hard to delineate, but anecdotally and logically there seems to be a strong connection between Utah’s large Mormon population, the church’s denunciation of same-sex LDS couples and the community’s beleaguered LGBTQ youth. (HuffPost)

Struggling to Hide Her Faith, Exposing Islamophobia

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In our first episode of Muslim & American, Aisha Rawji, an advertising professional in Manhattan, opens up about her journey to standing up against Islamophobia in America. Her story is awfully telling as hate crimes against Muslims have increased since the recent Paris attacks.  (Mashable)

The Psychology Behind Bias and Islamophobia in the U.S.

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What is group polarization? How does it lead some Americans to become more extreme in their views? In our second episode of Muslim & American, Dr. Ali Mattu — psychologist and host of the YouTube series The Psych Show — explains how the mind develops the kind of bias that leads to Islamophobia and the affect it has on our society.  (Mashable)

Living in America as a Black Muslim Woman

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With the rise of Islamophobic rhetoric and racial tensions in the U.S., being a black Muslim woman is far from simple. In our third episode of Muslim & American, coordinator and producer Malikah Shabazz speaks about her experience of racism and how she feels it coincides with religious persecution as a Muslim.  (Mashable)

Former Physics Student Uses Education to Combat Islamophobia in the U.S.

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In the final episode of our mini documentary series "Muslim & American," Islamic studies student Jena Hirji shares her optimistic approach to dealing with Islamophobic rhetoric in America. Instead of succumbing to cynicism, Hirji changed the course of her undergrad degree from physics to Islamic studies in order to "break the cycle of intolerance" towards Islam in America.  (Mashable)

Standing Rock:  A victorious day

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Coverage spanning the day that victory was announced at Standing Rock. (Mic)

Standing Rock:  What happens now?

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The day after victory is announced at Standing Rock, volunteers and indigenous people are still holding their ground.  Amid an oncoming blizzard, we spoke with volunteers to find out what comes next. (Mic)

Mic Exclusive Interview: Eric Holder

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Former attorney general Eric Holder sits down for an exclusive interview with Mic senior staff writer Aaron Morrison. Holder shares his concerns about the Trump administration, his thoughts on race relations in the U.S. and what he’s been up to since leaving the Department of Justice in 2015.  (Mic)

How to take back Congress

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Former Congressman Steve Israel urges democrats to think locally, if they want to take back congress.  (Mic)

Swipe it Forward Protest in NYC subway

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Activists protest at a New York City subway station for their Swipe it Forward campaign to call out unnecessary policing of poor people of color.  (Mic)

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