Filmmaker - Musician - Photographer

Clients + Work History

Brief descriptions of relevant work and collaborations.


I currently work full time as a Video Director, Editor at where I have the opportunity to shoot and edit long-form and short-form videos and web content, pitch and develop new web series, and collaborate on developing visual strategy and execution for new shows.


From October 2015 to April 2016 I worked at Mashable as a Video Producer who wrote and directed lifestyle, mini-documentary, and comedy videos.  I also appeared as an actor and host of sketches and mini-series.  I worked as a co-director on the show, Mash Explains, which won a 2016 Webby Award during my tenure.


I worked as a Freelance Video Producer/Editor at NPR developing new web series and Facebook live strategy for their game show, Ask me Another.  I also worked on the production team for their Facebook Live show, Night Owl.


As an independent filmmaker I write, direct, and most times shoot my own narrative and lifestyle films.  My work has been featured in the Connect Film Festival, Garden City Film Festival, Access Code Film Festival, and Williamsburg International Film Festival.

I also compose musical scores for my films and those of other independent filmmakers.


As a freelance Video Director for Creative Control TV from 2012 through 2013 I co-created, co-produced, co-directed, shot, and produced a bi-weekly web series called Technicolor Lover, which was the top performing show on their programming roster multiple weeks in a row.