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This is the guitar I bought yesterday. The one I got is the exact same model and color as the one pictured above. As you can see, this guitar kicks ass. I got home late last night and played it (unplugged) for a bit and fell in love. GOD is really looking out for me.

As I was on the train last night I was imagining what I would name my new guitar. Just then two females walked into the train stop. Nothing was too extraordinary about these two women, but they had a commanding demeanor about them. One of them was pretty cute and the other one was just a little cuter, but she was really sexy. Its weird how some women can not be drop dead gorgeous, but be very sexy. Girl number two was just "cute", but very sexy.

Anyways, the two girls sat down on the bench next to me and the very sexy one asked me if I would like a piece of gum. She had a very strong Polish accent, so it sounded like, "Do u lie' de gum?!" I declined. She immediately went into sparking conversation with me about randoms and whats nots and whatevers and so forth. I wondered why she would decide to talk small talk with me of all people. Then it hit me: "This guitar has sex appeal, baby."

She asked if I played guitar in her deep accent and I said, "Blah, blah, blah, blah," (don't remember what I said, but it kept her talking). Long story short I ended up givin her my number for some reason or another. I don't ask for numbers anymore. I give mine to them....balls are in their court. I have a life to live.

At this point I have no idea what I'm talking about. I have to go now. I have a guitar that need playing.

I'm going to name my guitar "The Sexy", but I want it to be in another language. If you speak a different language, then reply with how you say "The Sexy" in your native tongue. The best translation wins.

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