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For some reason I cannot type a subject to this blog entry. I may type one later. If I do type a subject line later, I probably won't delete this portion of the blog entry. So, if there's a subject and then this rant about how there is no subject, then you know whats up, bitches.

I spent the bulk of yesterday on Arial Transportation Module Units, otherwise known as ATMU's or "airplanes". I had a lay over in Texas, so I had to take two different flights. In my second flight we got snacks. There was a FREE snack for us!!!! They served Turkey sandwhiches with carrots and a FunPack of M&M's. I didn't know they served complimenatry snacks on long flights. The following exchange took place:


ME: Yes?

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Would you like a Turkey or Ham Sandwhich?

ME: mean...for free?!


ME: *elation*

I had the turkey sammich with water.

When the plane landed and everyone was getting their carry-on bags, there was a strange exchange between one of the guys in the seat next to me and his sexual-gay-life partner, who was sitting in the seat next to him:

DUDE 1: Did the flight attendants tell us about the--

DUDE 2: Yes, but we just didn't hear it.

DUDE 1: Great!

How did "Dude 2" know what "Dude 1" was talking about if he cut him off to answer his question? If neither "Dude 1" nor "Dude 2" heard whatever "Dude 1" was talking about, then how does "Dude 2" know they didn't hear it?


We landed and I walked around the airport aimlessly, too embarassed to ask my help. I'll be 27 years old this weekend, I should know how to find my way around an airport.

I will never get over how primitive the baggage claim process is.