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So much is happening!

I haven't been blogging much, but it's definitely not because I haven't been keeping busy.  Here's a bit of what's been going on.

Website and Press Updates

You will notice that the website looks vastly different and it's likely to change again soon.  I'm going to be doing a photo shoot for myself within the next month or so.  I've decided it's time to have more Q/LEDBETTER action going on in your faces, so prepare for more photos of me awkwardly looking into cameras and not knowing what to do with my face and hands.


I updated the site to include micro pages for the bands that I play in, The Bright Smoke and Skip the Sky.  Go to those micro pages for more information on where to listen to our music and watch our videos and see me awkwardly looking into cameras.

I've been pretty bummed over the past year because I haven't been able to write any new solo music ever since I released my last EP.  I've recorded some stuff, but it's all been shit and you will never hear it.  Recently, however, I have been overwhelmed by inspiration and I'm writing and recording some great material and will be releasing something in the near future.  Right now I have enough for an EP but I might go balls to the wall and record a full 8 track album.

NOTE: I won't literally put my balls to the wall, of course.  I value them to much and I don't trust walls....never have.


I have been working on a short film called ADAM. for well over a year now and we are finally in post production.  I've been working on the score for the film, which I will also be releasing via this web site.  I won't be releasing the short on-line right away, but if you are in the NYC area you can come to one of our screenings likely starting late-Fall, early-Winter.

Also, if you work with/for any film festivals please let us know how we can submit for a screening!


Did you know that I have a production company?  You didn't.  Do you know how I know you didn't?  Because you never go to it.  Well, I have a production company called THEBANGBANGTHEORY and you should go there and watch all of our films and look at our photos and share it with a friend.  This is what you should do.  No...this is what you must do.

That's it for now!  I can't promise that I'll be updating this blog as much as I used to, but I update the blog for THEBANGBANGTHEORY often, so for more updates and fun stuff go check out that site as well.

Later, ya'll!

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