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How Animals doing People Things Can End War

Imagine this:

A terrorist cell in a foreign country successfully orchestrates an attack on the United States.  The terrorists confess to their actions, forcing the U.S. to take action steps to resolve the animosity.  Retribution needs to be swift and it needs to be hard. 

The leader of this cell is sleeping in some fox hole in the basement of a security compound, likely dreaming dreams of miscreant behavior.  The 2nd in command rushes in and says their guards have spotted an infantry coming towards the compound.  Everyone goes in high alert.  This is it.  The moment they knew was coming.  An opportunity to die for their cause.  The only pay off to their riff-raff shenanigans.

The lights of the compound come on, shining a light into the vast darkness.  They hear nothing, but their infrared scanners report what appears to be an army coming at them.  How is this possible?!  Likely it's a team of SEALS highly trained in stealth and other types of combat trickery!

The guards assemble at the front gates.  Guns locked.  Loaded.  Aimed.  Ready to defend their cause.  Ready to die for their dastardly deeds.  Until they finally see movement!  Out of the deep, deep darkness of the night comes a team of these guys:



What?!?!  Wait?  Puppies in camo?!  Yes.  You're damn right!  It's the perfect "attack", if you will.  What are the terrorists going to do?  Kill the puppies?  Not when they're as cute as these little guys, they won't. 

I don't care what anyone says, that shit is funny.  FUN-NEE.  I'd like to see someone reason their way out of that.


Osama Bin Laden:  We terrorize the America...they send puppy instead of revenge.

Anyone Else:  Wow, I had no idea the United States was so awesome.  Kinda makes you feel like a dick for killing tens of thousands of innocent people, huh?

Osama Bin Laden:  Yes.  I am very evil man.  I need change.


I'm not saying that this is something that will take affect over night, but I know that it will almost certainly start some compelling conversations.  I have sent numerous letters and PowerPoint Presentations to the Obama Administration regarding this solution to global warfare.  It is entitled:  The Ledbetter Resolve

No word from them yet.  Stay tuned.

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