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Love & Hip-Hop...

If you watch and appreciate Love & Hip-Hop as entertainment, then you're part of the problem.  I say that unapolagetically.  Consider this:


[UPDATE:  The video was later removed from YouTube.  Just know it was some ignorant shit.  You can get idea by reading the rest of this post...maybe.  If not, just trust me in that it makes sense.]


There are a number of things wrong with this:

1)  The concerted effort for Mama D to move and act like she's someone of another race doing a typical impression of a black woman.

2)  The animosity towards the mother of Scrappy's child for wanting to work things out with him and build a real family.

3)  The fact that she misspelled "BITCH".

4)  (...and this is the most unsettling part) The fact that the directors and producers of this show LET her misspell "BITCH".

If you don't see this as a new low, then I don't know what it will take for you to see what's really going on here.

Over and out, man.