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Call me crazy, but I have always thought that there is something beautiful about traffic.

Sure, we hate being caught up in bottlenecks and gridlock.  We don't like being held up from our destination.  We hate feeling like we're part of the rat race.  What's even more disheartening is that the rat race isn't going anywhere.  It's here to stay.  But, take a look around you the next time you're stuck out there.

We're all out there together.  Everyone is feeling the same frustration.  Everyone is doing what they can to get to work and make ends meet.  We're all trying to get home to our families.  We're all trying to make our way in life, and we're all doing it together.  Maybe that doesn't do much for you, but for me it says that none of us are out here alone.

Think about it from that perspective the next time you're in traffic.  The circumstances may be hard, but you're surrounded by people who understand those circumstances and who are fighting the same fight as you are.  We'are all facing the same direction and, in a way, we're all fighting to get to the same place.

We're all brothers and sisters in this world.