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[ p r e t e n d e r ]: Day 3

Captain's Log June 29th

Day 3 of recording was MAJOR.  Jeff and I got a ton of shit done!  Before our session all we had were drum tracks laid to scratch tracks, which isn't much at all.  The REAL recording process was to begin during THIS session!

We started by laying the bass for the other two songs.  Jeff was great on bass.  It was an honor to have him play on the tracks.  He added a flavor that really took things to the next level!

By then I was nervous because it was time for me to REALLY show up.  It would be the first time Jeff heard the lyrics to the song and me singing beyond my mumbles over the scratch tracks weeks ago.  It would also be the first time I played the songs for real.  We started with [ p r e t e n d e r ].

I did the guitars using Jeff's Telecaster and afterwards he set me up I did a couple of takes and they came out okay.  I liked what I did, but I thought I could fill them out more.  By this time it was late at night and the session was over.  I was to return the next day to continue. 

Jeff let me have a copy of the rough mix to see what other instruments I wanted, but I had something even greater in mind.

To be continued...