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This Just Happened

"What'd you just call me, chief? Huh?"I was talking with a friend about the most recent Planet of the Apes movie and I asked him if he had ever seen the original movies.  The conversation went something like this:

ME:  Have you seen the original films.  Excluding the other one...the know...the uhhh.

HIM:  The Marky Mark version?

ME:  Yes, that one.

Just then I erupted in laughter because I hesitated to refer to it as "The Marky Mark" version simply because I know Mark Wahlberg doesn't appreciate being referred to as Marky Mark and I don't want him to get upset and go all Marky Mark on my ass. 

Let's face facts.  I need to spend a few more days in the gym and freshen up on my 6th Grade Judo training to be able to be so loose-lipped.  Wahlberg ain't havin' it.

...not on his watch.