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[ p r e t e n d e r ]: Day 1

I don't know what this stuff is or what it does, but I'm glad it's there.Captain's Log: Sunday, June 10th

Yesterday, marked the first day of recording for my new EP, [ p r e t e n d e r].  It was a quick session, as we only laid scratch tracks for our drummer to write parts to.

There are a number of things that I'm doing differently this time around.  The main thing is that I'm not recording this project alone, sweating, in a room, with only my feeble recording equipment.  I'm actually going into a legit recording facility and working with another producer.  His name is Jeff Berner.  He's really cool and he never stops smiling.  It's not a creepy, Joker kind of smile, so it does big things for the good vibrations.  I'm all about good vibrations.

Jeff also seems to really dig my ideas for these songs, and that's major for me.  As a producer myself, I know how much more dedicated I am to a project if I actually like and believe in the music.

This is also the first time that I've ever paid money for studio sessions.  I thought that this would make recording harder since time is money, but  if anything, it's making me more focused.  With my last albums I've kind of dicked around until something kind of cool happened.  Now, since I know that I'm paying for the time, I'm working out the kinks in songs before I even head to the studio.  I do miss the freedom of just recording to see what happens and having time to experiment; however, I think the 31 of you that have actually heard my music will find that my song writing will be more focused.  This is good for the additional 10 - 15 people that will hear my music for the first time this go 'round.

So far I'm only doing 3 tracks (time is money, after all).  They are:


[ p r e t e n d e r ]

The Light Inside the Grey



I may do more because I'm still recording songs in my home studio as well, but I may release those separate.  If this studio experience is supremely positive, then it'll be hard for me to go back to sub par recording quality.  We shall see how things develop.

Okay, that's it.