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2012: The Year of the Sloth

Unlike our friend here, I am not a happy sloth.I haven't updated my blog in a very long while.  I wish I had good reason, but unfortunately I do not.  I wish I could say I've been busy with various things and just haven't had time, but that wouldn't be the complete truth.  Not really, anyways.

The truth is that I've only thought about being too busy to update my web site.  For example, I haven't been going to any open mics, but I've surely thought about it quite a bit.  As a matter of fact, I think about going to open mics almost every day.  Everyday I think about updating my Band Camp Page, but I don't actually do it.  Not a day goes by that I don't give serious consideration to working on some of my film ideas, but I....well, you get the point.

This is not to say I haven't been busy.  I have been very busy.  I am constantly shooting and editing videos.  I am always working on music.  I am always doing a photo shoot.  By most standards, I'm doing too much.  I think the problem is that I don't do nearly enough for me as I do for others.

This fella enjoys Law & Order: SVU marathons a little too much...just like me!I should be shooting MY videos.  I should be working on MY music.  I should be working on photos for MY projects.  I enjoy working with others and will always, but I need to be better at being a bit more selfish.

So tonight, I will do something that actually benefits me.  I am going to set up my account on Band Camp and actively promote it.  I am going to at the ULTIMATE least visit an open mic before March is over.  I am going to see to it that my short film gets shot next month.  Hell or high water, folks.


Hell or high water.



UPDATE:  Immediately after completing this post, I worked on my Band Camp page.  You can still download the album for free/donations on this site, but if you want to be really awesome and have access to extras, you can purchase the album for $5 by clicking here.