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The Differences Between Q.Ledbetter & Neyo

I do NOT hold my fedora in this manner.A lot of people have gotten into the habit of saying I remind them of Neyo.  By "a lot of people" I mean about 4 people.  That may not seem like a lot to many of you, but it's plenty when you're being compared to Neyo.  Thus far, there are 3 women who have said to me, "You know who you remind me of, Quincy....NEYO!"  One male associate told me that, as an artist, he sees me as a Neyo.  I have no idea what about me led him to this conclusion.

They say we carry ourselves the same.  They say we have the same style.  They think this is a compliment.  It is not.

The most recent occurrence of the Neyo Comparison occurred today and it has led me to list the differences between me and him.


#1.  Looks

Neyo and I clearly do not share a likeness.  In all fairness I don't think the people saying I remind them of Neyo think I actually look like him.  This is a relief.  Moving on.


Unless it's Watermellon flavored Arizona drink, I'm not impressed, Neyo.#2.  The Dapper Factor

In my imagination I am like a more collective, friendly version of Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction.  I like to believe I have a cool, collective air about me, whereas Neyo is more "dapper".  Yes, I said it....dapper.  He looks like he applies smelling oils 3 times daily.  Plus, he carries himself as if he would break out into dance at any moment.  Do I look like the type of guy to do that?  No.


#3.  Inks and Lead

Neyo has always stricken me as the type of guy that writes in cursive.  Nothing wrong with it.  I'm just sayin'.  He probably writes very eloquent looking passages in his lyric book.  My lyric book has scribble markes and chicken a real man's book of lyrics and poems should.


"Who me? Oh nothing. Just sitting here reading while Diamond Peaches here puts on a show for the fellas.#4.  Questionable Positions

Take a look at the picture of this girl on the table in front of Neyo.  Now, for those of you that know me, do you think I would be in any way involved in a situation where something like that could possibly happen?  You wouldn't catch the tail end of a story I'm telling and I say, "...and that's how she ended up stretched out on the table in front of me."  Furthermore, if I were to be involved in such tom foolery, I sure as hell wouldn't look as composed as Neyo does in the photo.


#5.  Come on Seriously

I mean, come on.  For real?  Seriously.


Granted, my recent acquisition of a pink shirt doesn't help my case (see last blog), nor does my ability to sing, dance, and look good in fedoras.  I wish people would start saying how close I am to being just as cool as James Brown.

SO much cooler.


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