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The Black Man's Love Affair with The Pink Shirt

This isn't me. I wouldn't wear that ridiculous belt buckle. Come on, you know me better than that.The Black Man began his affairs with the pink shirt early in the turn of the century.  It was a rainy day in Harlem when acclaimed rapper, Cam'ron Giles (bka, Killa Cam), gazed out of his window thinking of ways to sabotage his career.  An idea came to him and he sprung out of his chair to the window.  Cam'ron flung the window open and declared to all of Harlem:  I don't give a damn 'bout a thing nor what ya'll think.  This season, my children, the color is PINK!"

Cam'ron proceeded to wear pink everywhere.  Everything from his Timberland boots to his automobile, to his Chinchilla mink coat was pink.  I thought this would be the end of Cam'ron, but it wasn't.**

As it usually goes, when a popular rapper does something, 83% of the Black Community follows suit.  Young Black men were wearing pink like as if their lives depended on it.  Many people (women in particular) have told me how nice I would look in a pink shirt.  I have resisted this fad-turned-stylish practice for many years...until now.

About a week and a half ago I was shopping with my very dear, special lady.  She picked up a pink shirt and said, "You should try this on."  I replied, "No way.  I don't wear pink.  I'm not that guy."  To which she replied, "But, your clothes are all so dark.  You only wear blacks and whites.  You need some brightness in your life!"  I feebly made the argument that white is a bright color, but to no avail.  I tried the shirt on, and yet, while I was shocked at how well it complimented my skin tone and frame, I did not purchase it.  I didn't even show her how it looked.  Life moved forward.

The following day at work a co-worker said to me, "Quincy, you know you would look nice in a pink shirt.  All of your clothes are so dark and you need something that would compliment your skin tone a bit more.  Have you thought of pink?  You should get a pink shirt!"  I thought that someone was playing a joke on me.  I seriously thought I was in a Truman Show type of situation, where my life was a television show that had acquired a new sponsor specializing in the manufacture of pink shirts.

I said to my co-worker, "Never."

Killa Cam, just being a killa in his plush new pink duds.Fast forward to yesterday, August 31st, 2011.  I was shopping and saw a pink shirt on the rack.  I decided for kicks that I would try it on.  I still looked great in it.  The color pink complimented my skin tone just as all of those women suggested before.  The shirt reeked of confidence and moxy.  I had to buy it.  You win pink shirt, you win.

I met up with my girlfriend an hour later and showed her.  She literally jumped for joy.  We shall see how others will react, but my guess is that the pink shirt is here to stay.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not going to buy a pink Range Rover like Cam'ron.  I'm not going to be one of those douche baggers who flaunt their pink shirts and their Ray Ban sunglasses pretending to discuss stocks with an imaginary broker around a beautiful woman just before he gets off the phone to say to her, "Hey, you look like you enjoy dancing.  Do you like to dance?  I love to dance.  We should dance.  Why don't we exchange phone numbers and go dancing one night."  No, friends.  I am not going to drop everything, move to the big city, and become a choreographer.  I am not going to start frequenting candy shops and asking for their best lollipop.  I will not, repeate, will NOT start to enjoy the film, "The Notebook".  These things will not happen.

Diddy and Steve Stout celebrate the legalization of pink shirts....or was that gay marriage?I am, however, happy with this purchase.  I think I'll ride this train for a while.  If you have anything to say about it, see me in the streets.  I'll be the guy wearing pink with the brass knuckles and nunchucks ready to kick your ass if you've got a problem.




**Some time later, Cam'ron successfully ended his career by deciding to only sport lavender clothes and merchandise.