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Science is so colorful!

Science is so colorful!The lil' lady and I went to see the 4th of July fire works in Hoboken.  We managed to get a pretty slick view of everything and were amazed at how beautifully the show was put together.  The real star of the evening was the guy sitting behind us.

NOTE:  I've decided to name this guy, "Ned" so that's how I'll refer to him throughout this post.  There is no logic to this.  He just sounded like a "Ned".

While the children and adults watching the show were excited for the fire works, Ned made it seem like he had been waiting for these fire works since July 5th, 2010.  After every firework he would spew one of the following comments (Mom, forgive my language.  I'm only quoting Ned):

"Oh s---t!  Are you serious?!  I mean!"

"NO F----KIN' WAY!  NO...WAY!"

"Oh, okay.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Yeah, thanks."

"Are you seeing this?!  No look at it...are you REALLY seeing this?!?!  F----king amazing!"

"WHAT?!?!?!  Smiley faces?!  Yep, they did it.....smiley faces!"

"Do you understand the mathematics and the physics involved in creating a spectacle this spectacular?!  No, you don't.  No you f---king don't!"



My last one is my favorite.  Somewhere in between the fireworks that exploded as smiley faces and the finale, he just yelled out, "SCIENCE!"  It was amazing.  If the world ends soon, I hope I'm in line directly in front of him on our way into the afterlife.  I think having someone that excited behind me would make passing over into whatever is next more enjoyable:

"Wait a second.  So we're dead, but we're still, like, NOT dead?!  F----KING SICK, DUDE!"

"Is that 2pac?!  I think that's 2pac!  Yeah, it is....okay...thanks.  Yes, THANK YOU!"

"Is that Hitler?!  How the hell did he get up here?  Oh wait, that's Charlie Chaplin.  Do you know who Charlie Chaplin is?!?!  You don't?!  What do you mean you don't know who Charlie Chaplin is?  Just kill yourself, bro.  Just do it.  I can't believe you don't know who Charlie Chaplin is, dude.  Seriously."


Creative updates:

I am having a bout with creative block musically, but I'm coming up with some pretty cool short film ideas.

I bought a Sunburst 50's Telecaster reissue.  It's my new favorite guitar.

I shot video of a cat falling asleep.  It's only a few seconds, but to date, it's one of the coolest, most candid looking things I've shot.  Maybe I'll post it.


Recent lessons:

Trust as you would want to be trusted.

If someone says they love you, don't get anxious just because you don't think you're worth it.  Just shut up and hope it lasts.

Freshly Ground is a band that everyone should know about.  They're amazing.

Seriously. Get into Freshly Ground. Really dope South African music.