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Banda Magda

On Friday night (technically Saturday was a very late show) I found myself at a show and saw this artist.  She performed this song, Amour T'es La for.  After 10 seconds of seeing her perform this song I was blown away. 

I mean, the song is so good I think I levitated 4 inches off the ground.  This song is so good, that doves started flying around the bar.  This song is so good that the war in Afghanistan stopped for an ice cream break while she performed it.  This song is so good that, while she was performing it I got a telegram from Michael Blanchard apologizing for bullying me in middle school.  This song is so good that the toe my sister ran over with a vacuum cleaner when I was 12 years old and hasn't looked the same since started tingling.  I went home later that night to find that it had turned to gold.  This song was so good that my Asthma was cured for 5 hours after she left the stage. 

I'm just sayin'.  The song is that good.