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The End of Journalism


So today (June 7th, 2011) Rep. Anthony Weiner came out and admitted that he actually DID send the photos to not only one woman, but a few.  I would be embarassed, but I stand by everything I said about the media.

I am, however, HIGHLY disappointed.  What was he thinking?  Anyways, consider this a semi-retraction of the blog I wrote on the subject.

The original post is as follows.  Please note that the picture of the puppy is still valid.


This guy doesn't even look like he has the sexual prowess to do something as bold as send a nude photo to anyone.Rep. Anthony Weiner is under some sort of fire by the media because someone sent an inappropriate photo to a woman from his Twitter account.  It is SO OBVIOUS that he didn't do it.  The woman who received the photo even said that there's no way possible that he did this, but the media is still pursuing the story.  Here is my impression of the whole situation:

Media:  Did you send this picture of your underwear to this woman on Twitter?

Rep. Weiner:  No, I didn't.

Media:  So this isn't you in this photo.

Rep. Weiner:  No, it isn't.  I have a team of people getting to the bottom of this.  I didn't send a picture of myself to anyone on my Twitter account.

Media:  Yeah, but did you send it?

Rep. Weiner:  No.

Media:  It came from your Twitter account, though.

Rep. Weiner:  I was clearly hacked.  Hacking is something that happens everyday.  People's accounts get broken into and hackers play pranks.  Why don't you ask me about something worth talking about like the state of the economy or how it's becoming more and more difficult to live in the middle class in this country?

Media:  Yeah, that's not important, though.  What's important is finding out who's shorts are in this picture.  Did you send this picture?  I have it right here.  See?  Look.

Rep. Weiner:  You're kidding me, right?

Media:  So, what you're saying is that you didn't send the picture.

Rep. Weiner:  Please shoot me or shoot yourself.  Right now.  Would you do that for me.  Either way is fine with me as long as this ends.

Media:  Why won't you answer the question Rep. Weiner?


Of course this is a comical interpretation of the interviews, but it really is not a far cry from how they actually sound.  Honestly, I'm so sick of how the media insists on focusing on crap issues (and I use the term "issues" VERY loosely) instead of practicing REAL journalism and understanding what leads to follow and which ones are not worth the time.  The current state of American media is making all of us look stupid. 

Our forefathers and figures of influence are rolling in their graves.  It's really a disgrace.


P.S. - Sorry for the anger in this post.  It's been a tough day.  Here is a picture of a puppy to make you feel better.

  See? He's waving at you!