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[Another] End of Days Scare

Much like my blog post about Osama bin Laden's death, I'm not going to spend time jibber jabbing about our most recent Apocalypse Theory.  Instead, I will simply say this:

There is no known religious text does not have a specific day and time of when the world will end.  If you meet or know anyone who says they know when the world will end, they do not.  If you meet or know anyone who says that GOD told them when the world will end, there is a 99.99999991% chance that they're lying and there is a 00.00000008% chance that they actually believe what they're saying and should be committed.  The remaining 00.00000001% is how much faith I have that GOD would end all civilization as we've all be told it would happen.

I would think this was funny if there weren't thousands of people who left their homes, jobs, and children because they thought that they wouldn't make it through the weekend.  These people ended their lives by doing away with their adult responsibilities to spread the word of some nut job's fake Apocalypse.

Wake up, folks.  The world will NOT end with a bang.  It's a slow burn.