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Mystery Texts...gotta love 'em

It's the weekend and we're looking for a good time. CALL Q.LEDBETTER!I've been getting a lot of mystery texts and calls lately.  I'm not a "man about town", so to speak, so I'm not entirely sure what led to this.  I imagine scenarios where people at cocktail parties or networking brunches have conversations like:

PERSON: you DON'T know Quincy Ledbetter?!

OTHER PERSON:  No, I can't say I do.  I have heard of him.  He's that man about town, right?

PERSON:  He is!

OTHER PERSON:  I sure wish I had his contact information...specifically his cell phone number.

PERSON:  I have it! 

OTHER PERSON:  Please indulge me!

PERSON  Consider yourself indulged.  Here it is.  Try your best to contact him after midnight.  He loves that.


Now, don't get the wrong idea.  I'm not complaining.  I appreciate the phantom text.  I adore the mystery caller.  What strikes me is that 90% of the time the people you meet at these events don't even make an effort to reach out to you.  They're just collecting information.  I have to have at least ONE conversation with someone before they get entered.  I mean come on, I haven't even accepted my mother's Facebook request....and I LOVE my mother! 

I know people who's phones are a grave yard of networking efforts.  They have 200 numbers and only 10 friends.

We all call Q.Ledbetter when we want to know what going on about town.Sometimes there's no introduction with these calls.  They just go right into conversation.  Fortunately, I am a professional at receiving mystery calls.  Observe the strategy:


ME:  Hey.

MYSTERY CALLER:  What's been good wit'chu, man?!

ME:  Everything.  How about yourself?

MYSTERY CALLER:  Man, you know.....

ME:  I do.....I DO know.

MYSTERY CALLER:  But, yo.  We all set for Saturday?

ME:  Yeah.  All set.



You will note that I never ask who it is.....ever.  Why?  Because trying to find out is fun.  If I don't find out by the end of the conversation I'll ask, "By the way....who the hell is this?"

I love receiving mystery texts, too.  This is an actual text exchange that I had with a, still, un-named party:

TEXT: wut good q

ME:  I'm good.  What's good with you?

TEXT:  shit

[5 minutes later]

TEXT:  yo you be doin vids right

ME:  Yep.

TEXT:  how much u charge

ME:  $1,000 plus traveling fees

TEXT: i heard it was 500

ME:  Not anymore.  That was a while ago.  It's $1000 now.

[7 minutes later]

TEXT:  that way too much chief

ME:  It's actually not enough.

TEXT:  i can help you get clients.  work wit me

ME:  Nah.


See how much fun that is?!?!  Okay, maybe you don't, but you have to at least appreciate that when I showed my friends that text exchange we all had a good laugh and shed a tear for the death of literacy in America. 

Three cheers for Twitter and Jersey Shore!


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