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Updates and stuff

I'm working on a new project to follow, How I Look When I'm Lying.  I'm not sure what it's going to be called yet, but it'll be a short EP release.  Chances are I won't charge for it, but we'll see.  So far the songs are all acoustic, but not in a corny coffee shop sort of way.

This will be the first project where I don't do EVERYTHING myself.  I'm usually accustomed to writing and playing all of the music and instruments as well as recording everything on my own.  I want this to sound different from anything else I've ever done so I'm going to record with a producer and work with him on everything.  I'm even paying for studio time (gasp)!

Also, I wrote a short film called, Unbecoming, that I hope to shoot in January. 

I'm moving to Brooklyn, too.  That should be fun and interesting.  Living in Hoboken, New Jersey has been great, but Brooklyn is calling for a number of reasons.

Okay, I'm done.  I hope everyone's life is beautiful.  If it isn't, then stop and take a look around.  There is always something beautiful happening around you at every moment.

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