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Dream, dream, dream....

Let go of my dreams, David Bowie!I've always had extremely vivid dreams.  Ever since I was a kid, I have had highly elaborate dreams that seem just as real as real life.  This is a very good thing and a very bad thing.  The good thing is that a lot of times my dreams are so ridiculous they're funny.  Can you imagine walking down a street with a space alien and a purple elephant discussing the depth of Spike Lee's movies, while everything around you is a cartoon, then waking up and for a split second thinking it actually happened?  Can you imagine being in middle school and dreaming that you're performing "Tears" with the Wu-Tang Clan, and then waking up thinking, for ten minutes, that The RZA, Raekwon, and The GZA are personal friends of yours?

It's an awesome experience.  It's like living in the sequel to "Inception".

But now picture being in a drop-top cadillac waving at an endless crowd of people who have thrown a parade in your honor....then waking up to realize that if you don't get dressed IMMEDIATELY, you'll be late for your Psycology 101 class.  Picture accepting a life time achievement award and, in the middle of your speech, you awaken to realize that you have achieved nothing and must to go to your regular job in your regular life.  Picture having a dream that your girlfriend has broken up with you and you think it's real.

All of the above are actual dreams that I have had and thought they were real.

I had a dream once where everything looked like Mario World. No kidding. Seriously. It was awesome.

This vivid dream thing can be a problem.  In ways it's great because a lot of my creative ideas come from my dreams.  A lot of lyrics for my songs and poems come from things that I've heard or seen while I am asleep.  Then again, it sucks for a couple of minutes after waking up, having to make sense of what has happened in real life and what hasn't.  It sucks when I think I've had conversations with people, only to realize that those discussions didn't happen.

I'll figure it out.  I don't wish I had more boring dreams, but I do need to have a tactic or something to make sure that real life is what it is and not just a dream.