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Herman Cain is f--ked.

Pardon my language, but there's no other way to put it.  The guy is screwed.  For those of you who don't know (and as a reminder to myself, when I read this blog a year from now and forget who Herman Cain was) Herman Cain is running in the Republican Primary to go against President Obama in the the 2012 election.  As of today, three women have come out saying that Herman Cain has either sexually harassed them or had an affair with them.

Now, I'm not usually one to pass judgement on people, but I for one believe it all to be true; however, I'm pretty sure Herman Cain isn't the only infidel that is running or has run for President.  It just so happens that one of his opponents had enough money to pay these women to come forward.

Yes, I said it.  I truly believe that one of Herman Cain's own Republican brethren (or sisteren, if that's even a word) dug for the dirt, found the s--t, and paid good rich-people money to see to it that the s--t hit the fan.  It worked.  Mr. Cain was leading the primary before these allegations surfaced, but now he's back at the bottom.

SIDE NOTE: I really wish Cain would lose this cowboy hat.Now, do not get me wrong.  There are two things you have to understand:

1) I don't believe anyone who would sexually harass another human being is fit to lead a sing-along let alone a region, state, or country.

2) I am not a supporter of Herman Cain for President.  I find him politically inferior to the other options we have.

It's strange to me how everyone treats this as if it is something brand new.  At this point we should be used to finding out our politicians and corporate heads are abusing their power to take advantage of women.  Dare I say we should almost assume that they are all horny little devils that lose control once they get a taste of power.  I say this to point out the probable fact that most every politician has dirt under their shoes and skeletons in their closet.  The same people giving Herman Cain flack for his idiotic history should look take a look in the mirror.

Politics is a dirty game and to know in our heart of hearts that someone would have the audacity to dig for this information and pay those women gobbles of money to relive the horror that Herman Cain put them through, to me, warrants an even deeper level of disgust.

No one who has gone through that degree of harassment should be encouraged to relive it and have to listen to the person who harassed them discredit that horror on national television. 

In the small chance that I am wrong and Herman Cain did NOT harass or engage with these women, I apologize for the judgement; however, if that's the case, it raises a deeper concern.  To what lengths are these people willing to go to rise to power that they would destroy a mans credibility for the rest of his life and lie to billions of American people?

Strange times, friends.  Strange times, indeed.