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My album is done....hooplah!

Raise the hooplah from East to West, my album is done!  I set a release date for December 21st, but I wasn't happy with where the project was going.  It was kind of "blah", for lack of a better phrase.  Not bad, but not nearly as good as the first album. 

Now, I can honestly say that sonically, musically, and lyrically this new album goes beyond what I did with the first.  I will likely release it the same way I did my first album:  Free on my website and available for purchase on iTunes if you want to contribute financially to the Q.Ledbetter cause.  Whatever the case, I genuinely just want you to hear it.

In other news:

I had an OKCupid profile for a week and then deleted my profile because the rejection I was encountering reminded me of my middle school days.

I've decided to start another band.

I'm playing with my friend's band in February.  I'll be on the keys.  Details to follow.

Koalas aren't bears, apparently.

I am going to start developing a new site that focuses mainly on my video and photography work because that avenue of what I do is getting serious. 

I'm sorry there's nothing funny in this blog, but there are other sides of me, folks.  I'm a man...a man with dementia.

"Q.Ledbetter, did you mean to say, 'a man with dimensions?'"

Oh yeah.....dimensions....that's it.

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