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Sure sign that I'm getting old....

Q.Ledbetter age 67. Finally able to grow a beard.I just had my first sign that I'm getting old.  It's not what you would think, though.  My body is still agile as ever.  I don't have any grey hairs, and although I'm 30 years old, I look like I'm in my mid-20's.  No, I don't feel old for any of the average reasons.

I feel old because yesterday I got excited about buying a box of Kleenex.  Genuinely excited.  While most people are pumped about Verizon releasing the iPhone, I was investing in keeping my nose clean.

I walked into the convenience store, poked my chest out, and said with pride, "Let me have a box of Kleenex, please."  The clerk, probably after assuming I was 25 years old, asked "You want small packet?"  I said, " I want the big box.  Gimmie the big box."

After 2 more seconds I said, "Let me get that small packet, too.  Ya' never know."

In related news:  My mom got me 3 pairs of black socks for Christmas.  Aside from my Guitar Center gift card, it is the gift I appreciated the most.