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FTP can kiss my bum bum....twice

Files? What files, Dave?There is a very small list of things that work for everyone else, but never work for me.  They are:

1) Dating.

2) Finding and downloading pirated software.

3) Transferring a file via FTP.

On Friday, I shot something for someone.  When I asked how I would get him the footage he said, "I'll just send you an FTP link."  I knew this would be a problem, since every time I have tried to use an FTP connection to send someone their files, they just haven't received their files.  This is not because I don't try very hard to make it work; it is because FTP is racist against me.

NOTE:  FTP isn't racist against black people.  It's just racist against me.  You should be careful because as soon as FTP figures out that you love me, it'll probably start hating you, too.

Anyways, I am determined to make this work, so I have been trying to transfer this footage for the past 10 hours.  I have been through 6 "CONNECTION LOST" errors, and 7 "RESUME" commands.  So far, so good, but so LONG!

I sent the dude who's footage I'm sending way too many e-mails and status updates.  When I panic, I tend to check the status on things and provide updates to people who may (or may not be) involved in what's causing my panic.  I'd explain this further, but that's a whole other blog post.

So as I enter into hour 9.5 of monitoring this file transfer, I am preparing my mind for the exhaustion that will rock my world tomorrow (it's 2:24am).  But, this footage is for a HUGE client and we do what we have to do to get shit done, don't we?