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I'm not racist. I just don't like you because of your race.

I was watching CNN and saw a report on a Mosque being built two blocks from the site of 9/11.  Naturally, a meeting was called with the powers that be in NYC to speak out for and against this.  I saw clips of that meeting on CNN just now and I must say I was shocked.
I find it difficult to understand how people who call themselves TRUE Americans would oppose the building of a place where people can practice their religion.  I don't even under stand the argument that the Mosque shouldn't be built to be sensitive to the families of the people who died in the World Trade Center.  What we have to remember is that Muslims didn't orchestrate and carry out the terrorist attacks on 9/11; TERRORISTS did.  I just think it's mind boggling to think that we, in this country, are so crippled by fear of one another that some of us actually identify a Mosque as being a house of terror, where plots to blow up buildings and set off car bombs are being crafted.
It's an interesting thing.  I was talking to my dear friend/roommate, Alan Skontra about racial tolerance and the fear that has been instilled in Americans over these past few years.  And while I think religion can have a very positive impact in people's lives, when used incorrectly it can be the catalyst to our destruction as human beings.  That is not to say that I think religion is a bad thing, after all, faith is the only thing some people have in their lives that is positive.  What I am saying is that, while we find our own faith and practice that faith, we need to be mindful that people are on the same journey and may end up in a different place than we do.
All too often do we find something we believe in and we try to tell other people that what they found isn't what's right.  This leads to bigotry, war, genocide, etc.  It can get ugly if we're not careful.
Let's put our thinking caps on people.  When a very small sect of Muslims commit a crime it doesn't mean that the other 1 billion Muslims in the world played a role, or in some way got a memo in their secret Muslim E-mail accounts hipping them to the caper at play. 
If you think in such generalities, then I suggest you do a bit more research on what the Constitution that you swear by actually says about religious freedom and equality among all men, women, and children.
Over and out.