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totally from left field, but.....

"Hey, mama. Lookie what I built!"I think we're going about time travel all wrong. 

Before we can master the art of time travel we must get it out of our heads that time, as we are accustomed to it, exists at all.  1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 Rock...this is all man-made.  "Time" is one long moment.  It never stops and our lives are a split second in infinity.  What I'm saying is that time is not tangible.

If time travel were possible (NOTE:  It is not, I'm just speaking hypothetically because I'm bored), it would be done psychologically.  Your consciousness would have to move to a point where it was before in "time".  For example, instead of hopping into a wack-a-doodle time machine that Doc Brown invented, you would simply move your consciousness BACK to where it once was before.  If you wanted to go back to 1985, you would close your eyes and just......go 

The 30 year old you wouldn't go back and be able to see the 5 year old you because  you would BE the 5 year old you.  Get it? 

So, ditch the plans, bells, and whistles for your time machine.  It won't work.  Practice moving your consciousness to places where it once was and maybe even where it's going.  After all, some people have debated that the past, present, and future are all happening at once.

There, I said it.