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weeping over spilled milk

As I typed the subject to this post I realized that I haven't cried since mid-2005.  I'm not talking about getting teary-eyed, or mild weeping, as I do that more often than I'd like to admit.  I'm talking about straight up, all out, snot-nosed, cry-me-a-river type of balling.  I consider this an accomplishment worth mentioning.
Saturday night was eventful.  At around 1:00am I spilled 80% of a bowl of cereal in my lap.  I was angry about this because I am very passionate about my cereal.  I cleaned it up, salvaged what I could and poured another bowl.  At around 1:05am, I spilled 100% of the second bowl of cereal in my lap. 
I spilled two full bowls of cereal in my lap, one after the other.  I think that makes me legally retarded.  Who would have thought that in my 29 years of life, I've thought I was a fully functioning member of society, when all this time I've just had a Rain Man kind of thing going on.
In other news....
I said the greatest quote ever last week.  A friend asked me why black men seem so fascinated by fat asses.  I thought for a second and told her that I didn't know because I don't like fat asses.  I think they're gross.  I like a proportionate ass.  When she asked why, I told her that what goes up must come down; meaning, by the time Beyonce and Buffy the Body are 60 years old, they won't have such a good situation.  After a brief pause I said, "When I see a fat ass, I see the future."
That's some Shakespeare-meets-Aristotle stuff right there, man.  Get with it!
And a farewell to the best show ever on television (NO spoilers will follow)....
The LOST series finale was this past Sunday and I can't express how relieved I am.  For those of you who don't know, I am a LOST addict.  I have seen and read everything having to do with LOST (except those ridiculous games and books that aren't even canon to the events of the show).  I am such an addict that more than one friend has expressed their concern for my mental well-being.  I'm glad the show is over because I now have my life back.
I understand how some people didn't like the ending, but at least dislike it for good reasons.  I L-O-V-E-D it, but the friend with whom I was watching the finale did not.  We discussed it and she has a good reason.  Others do NOT have a good reason.  Other people are upset that they didn't answer ALL of the mysteries of the show.  I have two things to say about this:
1)  Did you REALLY want there to be a scene where a laundry list of mysteries were addressed?  Like a scene where Hurley asks, "Hey dude, what was the whole deal with Walt," and then Jacob comes out of no where and explains it.  That would've been wack and you know it.  Most, if not all, of the mysteries of the show were answered and if you missed it, feel free to ask questions as a comment to this blog and I'll address it.
(I'm that nice with the LOST knowledge, son.  Try me.)
2)  The show is about characters, not mysteries.  If you want answers to your questions when watching a show, try watching something a bit less Law & Order or The Office.
Okay, I'm done. 
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