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the good weekend....

I was going to just name this blog, "Good Weekend", but I decided that it was extra good, so I named it "THE Good Weekend". 

I took some really dope photos of my friend's band, Brothers.  I also shot video of a few of their songs.  I may post some of the videos and the photos here on the site, but I want to make sure I get them all to them first.  It seems unfair for all of you to bask upon the goodness when they haven't yet.  Ya' dig.  If not, then dig it.

Things are going good with my band.  I want to do more shows, but I want to do them when we're ready.  It's tough getting us all in one place at the same time, which is understandable.  I mean, we all have lives, no?  I'm playing stop and go with one of my songs.  Some days I like it, others I hate it.  I'm thinking of dropping it from the set list, but I don't want to do that until I've written another song to replace it.

....and so I write.

I sold a bunch of production equipment, which sounds surreal to me.  I used to have two really nice keyboards/workstations:  a Roland XP-80 (fully expanded) and a KORG Triton Studio with 88-keys (partially expanded).  I sold them because I haven't used them in about 6 months.  I use my MIDI controller to generate most of m non-guitar sounds.

It was hard deciding to sell them, but once I realized that they weren't making me a better musican/producer, I sold them off.  I also sold one of my guitars, but no worries....I have 5 more; and again, I wasn't using that one.

Artist who's catalog you should purchase immediately:  Duffy

Movie soundtrack you should purchase immedately:  An Education

Women I'd marry with no questions asked:

Nikki Jean

Hallie Berry

Natalie Portman

Lucy Liu