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The Dumb Age

Ladies & gentlemen....

We now live in a time where stupidity equates to success.  As another season of American Idol airs and Mtv's Jersey Shore gets the green light for another season, we are moving closer and closer to a point where being unintelligent is a virtue.  I see it.  I know you see it, and if you don't see it, then I am afraid that you may be in danger of being one of the people who are being sucked in by it.

A significant number of people think that the President of the United States was born in Kenya and "wants the terrorists to win".  A vast number of people refuse to listen to music unless they can dance to it.  Most people like things to be easy.  I'm guilty of it sometimes, myself.  I'm not just pointing fingers here. 

Society has run us down to a point where we are all mentally lazy.  Little catch phrases are hammered in our mind since birth and we use those to rationalize ideas that have no merit.  The idea of being better people seems so inaccessible that it's making us all underachievers.  Getting by on good looks is much easier than surviving on intelligence.  Creating art for money brings more attention than creating art for arts sake.  Having money brings about more respect and attention than virtuous acts.  These are dangerous times, people.

I have no idea what I'm getting at.  There is really no end to this rant.  I guess I just want to say that we are smarter than they think you are, so we should demand more out of what is given to us.

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