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Women with Man Hair

I was in the grocery store and mistook a woman for a man.  She dropped a glove and I said, "Excuse me ma'am...ummm...I mean...sir.  You dropped your glove.  She didn't seem affected by it; almost as if it happens all the time.  I wouldn't be surprised because this woman had boy hair.

Women with men hair cuts needs to stop.  With the exception of actually being a man or a lesbian, there is no reason for you to have a man hair cut.  I've only seen two women in my LIFE look hot with their hair cut like mine and they were twins.

I'm not saying women shouldn't cut their hair short.  I'm not even saying you won't look good with a buzz cut or bald head (note the aforementioned twins).  Do whatever you want.  I'm just saying most men like women with something up top.

Quincy LedbetterComment