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Chin up buttercups....

I have made a recent observation that is unsettling.  When I usually pass people on the street and hear tiny bits of their conversations, they are usually complaining about something.  We can't wait to tell each other about how bad our days went and how someone didn't hold the elevator for us.  We go through insignificant hardships and we count down the moments until we can see our friends and tell them how upset you are about whatever.

Upon making this observation, I realized that I am guilty of the same thing and that upset me.  I am making an effort to see the brighter things and to keep my personal pet peeves to myself and not lay them on anyone else.  If I can deal with my bad day without having to complain to anyone, then that's what the heck I'll do.

Live long and prosper.

Quincy Ledbetter1 Comment