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An issue that plagues our country....

People who refuse to leave voicemails also think big sunglasses are cool.I don't know how or why, but an increasing number of people are convinced that leaving voicemails is against an unwritten code of ethics.  I am convinced that there is some rule book that the government mailed to everyone, except me, entitled "Leaving Voicemails is for Terrorists".  There must have been a scientific study that introduced a theory that leaving voicemails causes Gout in your face, or something.

I say this because almost EVERYONE I know does not leave voicemails, but gets upset at me when I don't return their calls.  I have this conversation 3-4 times a month:

Person:  Yo, I called you.

Me:  Oh yeah?

Person:  Yeah, why you ain't call me back?!?!  I called you.

Me:  Did you leave a message?

Person:  No.

Me:  Why not?

Person:  I don't leave messages.

Me:  Why not?

Person:  I just don't.

Me:  So, how am I supposed to know that you called?

Person:  Don't you check your missed calls?

Me:  Not usually, no.

Person:  Why not?

It's not this difficult anymore, people. LEAVE A MESSAGE!Me:  Checking missed calls is arbitrary to me.  I don't think to myself, "Oh, I'd better see who may or may not have been trying to call me all day."  If I see a missed call, I see it.  If I don't, I don't.  I didn't see yours, so there is no way for me to know that you tried to contact me.  Even if I did see that you called, how will I know that you called for a reason that warrants a return call?

Person:  Why wouldn't you call someone back if you saw their missed call?

Me:  Why would I if they didn't leave a message?

Person:  No, I'm saying if you see that they tried to contact you?

Me:  I get E-mails from African Princes who want me to send them my bank account information.  Should I reciprocate their attempts to contact me?

Person:  No.  But, I'm your friend, not some stranger!

Me:  Right, you're my friend, so I'll see you again soon.  Either that, or I'll be calling you to see what you're up to over the weekend, or to shoot the shit with you, or just want to see how you're doing.  I would speak to you in the nearer future, right?

Person:  But, what if it was an emergency?

Me:  Then stop being a self-righteous asshole, get over how uncool it seems to leave a message, take an extra 5 seconds of your pretentious existance to wait for the f----king tone and say, "Quincy, this is Person.  Call me back.  It's an emergency!"


Leave a message, or at least send a text saying that you called.

The end.