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Koala Bears think they're so cute.  But, they're not all that.  They wallow about the trees in their exotic forests being mildly cute thinking they're wildly cute.  They are mistaken.  Koalas are aiiiight, but definitely not worth going all Lady Ga Ga over.

I'm right about this.

So, I haven't slept a wink in well over 24 hours.  I pulled an all-nighter last night to finish some video and photo editing that needed to get done before the holidays.  At the time I decided not to sleep I figured it was a good idea.  Much like the Koala bear's false sense of identity, I was mistaken.

I always seem to forget that when I am tired my communication skills fall from Advancedto Wicked Retaa'did (Boston accent on 'Retarded').  With every word I type in this blog post, I become more and more impressed with myself because I know how impossible it is for me to make any kind of sense.

This morning my security key wasn't working to let me in the office, so I had to wait for a co-worker to let me in.  I am usually the first person in the office so I had to wait about 20 minutes for someone else to show up.  I dared not sit on the foor to wait because I would have surely fallen asleep; however, I always forget that, like the Koala bear, I can fall asleep standing up.**

So, a co-worker comes out of the elevator to find me propped against the wall with my mouth wide open.  He wakes me.  Keep in mind, I suffer from massive disorientation when I first wake up.  I can't make sense of where I am or what is going on for about 20 seconds immediately after I come out of a deep sleep.  Our covo went something like this:


Co-Worker:  Hey, Quincy!  What you doin' out here, man?

Me:  Hey.

Co-Worker:  How you doin', man?  You doin' alright?

Me:  My's like.....

Co-Worker:  How long you been standing there?

Me:  I'm like....yeah, my card....not working, though.

Co-Worker:  Alright, man you have a good day!

Me:  Yes.


I just fell asleep while typing and awoke to find I had written, "Whateverkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...."  That's how tired I am right now.

This blog is so all over the place.  This blog is like a lost Koala bear in the forest trying to find it's way back to it's family tree, so it roams the woods with no real direction.  It just thinks it's charming enough to get people to pay attention to it and help it find it's way.

Well, look Koala bear.  You're going to have to come with some substance if you want people to read you and buy your albums.


I'm sorry.  Now, I'm just projecting (speaking from a psychological perspective, of course).  I'm done.




**I'm not really sure if Koala bears can sleep standing up.  I know that rhinos can, but this blog post wasn't about the rhinos.  It was about the Koala bear. 

My blog, my rules.