Filmmaker - Musician - Photographer

I met Quincy Jones today. I am a business professional.

I met Quincy Jones today.  More on that later.

I handed out my business card to at least 4-5 people today.  I received business cards from two of those people.  This is an impressive give/receive ratio.  It means I was off somewhere doing something important with people who felt like I was important enough to know. 

This is far more impressive than the zero people who thought I was important enough to know up to this point.

It's an interesting thing about business cards.  I've never known anyone to actually USE a business card, but everyone insists that you should have one.

I was at an event recently and a comedian asked me for a business card.  I ran into him three more times throughout the night and each time he asked me if he had given me his card (Is forgetfulness one of the side effects of drinking....a lot).  Each time I reminded him and showed him that I had his business card he would say, "Aiight, bet!  We gotta work, son!".  I e-mailed him to start a discussion as to how we can work together....I have not heard from him yet.  This was 3 months ago.

At the same event I ran into someone else.  The following exchange happened (no exaggeration):

Guy: Yo, you be fuckin' wit' the photos?!

Me:  Yep.

Guy: And you do video, too?!

Me:  Yep.

Guy:  I be wit' Wakka Flokka Flame.

*4 second silence

Me:  Oh yeah?

Guy: Yeah.

*3 second silence

Me:  Nice.

*Guy shows me pictures of him with Wakka Flokka on his BlackBerry

Guy: What else you do?

Me:  Well, I'm a musician that also does photo and video.

Guy: Sheeeeit, man.  You got a card?  I gotta get ya' card!

Me:  I ran out earlier tonight.

Guy:  Ah, man.  How you gonna do bid'ness wit' folks if you ain't go no card.  You gotta come with a greater supply 'cause situations like this where an opportunity arises and you ain't got no card.

Me:  I know right.

Guy:  Yeeeeeah!

Me:  So, I could just take your card.

Guy:  My card?  I ain't got no cards.


I'm not lying about any of that.  That's how the conversation went verbatim.  Trust me.  I would NOT forget it.

Anyways, I got to meet Quincy Jones today.  It wasn't in passing either.  I actually saw the guy, met him and what not.  Granted, I didn't say much of anything to him because part of me felt like he would say something like, "Look, you little snot nose rugrat, I was hittin' the road and rollin' joints with Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra before your mammy and your pappy was battin' eyes at each other on the yard at Winston Salem State University, so don't you open your lip to me about no nothin'!"

To which I would have replied, "How did you know my parents met at Winston Salem State University?!"  To which he would reply, "Man, I'm Quincy Jones!  I know everything!"

Nah, but seriously, he was a really nice guy and H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.  He talked nonstop, which is usually a terrible trait, but this guy was droppin' jewels, schoolin' us, and telling interesting stories.  We hung on every word.