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A reason not to get married

Engagement photos.

Every time I get down in the dumps because I haven't settled down, I look at engagement photos and I snap out of it.  It works.  Consider this:

Seriously? I mean...for real?

I'm not saying this is a bad photo, nor am I saying that engagement photos are the wrong thing to do.  I just can't see myself engaging in the engagement photo process willingly.  It's not for me. 

If I do do the engagement photo thing (meh-heh...I said "do do"), then they will be bad ass.  For example:

Square up, bi&*^&*!!!!

My wife would have to be cool with this type of thing.  At least for half of our photos.  We could put something like this on the wedding invitations.  Do you know why people don't like coming to weddings?  It's because there is no sparring.  Couples never sparr at their weddings anymore. 

I would also consider marrying a woman if she were cool with putting something like this on our invitations:

Are they in love or are they sparring?  Who knows?  I guess you'll have to come to the wedding to find out. 

See?!?!  This is what gets people out to weddings.  It's not the free food.  It isn't the reception.  It's not the friends, family, or other things like live action love.  No.  It's obligation.  Obligation is what brings people out to weddings.  Why not make it a little more fun, right?