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Celebrity quotes about my music

Hey everyone.  I've compiled some quotes a few of my celebrity friends have said about my music.  I thought you might be interested.

Q.Ledbetter's music gives me the confidence I need to steer this country in the right direction. -- Barack Obama

I heard Q.Ledbetter's music and immediately asked him to marry me.  Imagine how crushed I was when he told me he was already engaged to both Thandie Newton and Natalie Portman. -- Lucy Liu

I learned everything I know from Q.Ledbetter. -- Albert Einstein

I want to destroy everything in America....EXCEPT for Q.Ledbetter. -- Osama Bid Laden

The only time I'm not a complete moron is when I'm listening to Q.Ledbetter's music. - Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

There are two things I can't live without:  Drugs and Q.Ledbetter. -- Courtney Love

Huh?  Not now, I'm counting money. -- Jay-Z

Q.Ledbetter is actually the father of my child.  It feels so good to finally get that off of my chest! - Yo' mama

There was this one time where I was in a very dark place.  Then, I found something.  That something led me to a new perspective.  That something let me to a pleasant frame of mind.  I knew then that I had found what will go down in history as the most meaningful existing mass of happy I have ever witnessed.  My love life has began a new because of that something.  My faith has increased.  My social interactions with others have greatly improved.  I am a better public speaker.  All of these great things have happened because of that something; that something that we all should have.  That something is.....Q.Ledbetter. -- The Pope

My next book, "How to Find Happiness and get Rich" will be one chapter, one page, and say only one thing.....Q.Ledbetter. -- Donald Trump

Herbig gerbit. -- someone's baby.

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