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Haiti: Let's stick with this one

WARNING:  This will come across as angry and chastising, but it is not. 

Every couple of weeks there is a news story concerning international or political devastation that breaks our hearts and turns us into miniature activists.  We change our Twitter avatars different colors to show "support".  We barely donate our spare pennies to aid charities that don't properly allocate their funding.  We spend the day pumping status updates, quoting shallow philosophies and chastising our government for barely lifting a finger.  Then, a bone-head celebrity does something crass and our attention is diverted to their drama and away from what really matters.

My point is this:  If you have the Haitian people in your heart now, then keep them there.  Don't be one of these weekly activists who think that showing support for a devastated country means wearing a t-shirt with their flag on it, or updating your Facebook status to get your seat on the Remorse Band Wagon riding through your network(s). 

Tehran was big news until we started paying attention to the HealthCare drama.  Hurricane Katrina quickly became about what our government failed to do, rather than what the rest of us could have and should have done.  Don't get me started on our ignorance to the failure of our school system in low income neighborhoods.  The fact is that when the news cameras are off of an issue, then our minds go off of it, too.  This has to stop.

I don't mean to sound preachy.  I can't even honestly say that I'll donate a ton of money or get on the first plane to Haiti and get my hands dirty rebuilding schools and hospitals.  This is not a call to action, as much as it is a reminder to everyone that true empathy exists even after news coverage moves on to other topics.  Talk is cheap.  Especially since we're getting some dumb that half of us don't know how to talk anymore.  If you say you're going to do something to help Haiti, then do something.  Even if you only intend to keep the people of Haiti in your prayers and meditations, then do so for longer than it's in the news.  Stick with it, otherwise you're just blowing smoke. 

Quincy Ledbetter2 Comments