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Were you really here?

Okay, either my web site host statistics are off, or 368 of you really did come to my web site yesterday (155 within the past 24 hours).  It would suck if there was a malfunction with the server that multiplied the number of visitors to my site by 100.  For my own well being, I will assume that there is no malfunction and 368 people have actually taken some sort of interest in what I'm doing.  I will also assume that none of you were trying to get to

Thank you.  Thank you all a million times!  368 views may not be a lot for the people who get thousands or millions of fans visiting their site a day, but up until now I've been pumped to see that 84 people have come here; even if it was by accident.

Then again, how do make a wrong turn on the Internet?  It's not like driving in the East Village.

Alright.  Thanks again.  More interesting and worth while blogs are on the way. 


Have you downloaded my new single?!  If not, you can get it for free here:


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