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No one is really all THAT important.

The word "hater" is being over used. Just because someone has an objective opinion it doesn't necessarily mean that they are hating. These people just don't like something you like. The way I see it, if you don't like something for a legitimate reason, then you're not hating.

If you don't like that woman's dress because you think it's ugly, you are NOT a hater.

If you don't like that song because the content is regressive and the beat is uninspiring, you are NOT a hater.

If you don't like being around someone because they are pretentious attention hogs, you are NOT a hater.

If you don't like when people with fancy cars act like they're better than everyone else because their seats are heated, you are NOT a hater.

If you don't like superficial women because they are superficial women, then you are NOT a hater.

Being branded as a hater is so unfavorable that people are afraid to dislike things that they have every reason in the world to dislike. I am not saying that their is a definitive line that needs to be drawn between what people are allowed to hate. I am just saying that opinions are opinions and they differ.

The problem comes when people dislike things for no good reason. THAT is what defines a hater. Hating Lil' Wayne's music because you don't think it's good is not hating. Hating Lil' Wayne's music just because.....that's hating.

Let's try out this new logic:

YOU: Hey Quincy, do you like Tom's new BMW.
ME: No! I hate it!
YOU: Why?
ME: Because, man....
YOU: Because what?
ME: Because!!!!!


YOU: Hey Quincy, do you like Tom's new car.
ME: No! I hate it!
YOU: Why?
ME: Because its changed him. Ever since he got that car he's been thinking he's better than everyone else and talks shit about everyone else's car.


Furthermore, we need to stop assuming that people are hating on us. I would say that 99% of the world are NOT celebrities and, therefore, not worth paying enough attention to to hate on in the first place. So, one could assume that unless you are someone worth knowing about, then you're not being hated on and if someone IS hating on you (as defined above), then you're probably looking for people to be hating on you. I mean come on...who in their right mind would think that they're great enough to be hated on in the first place?

I may be wrong, but I open up the lines for debate if you're willing.


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