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pour the 40 for the homie

So, today my very good work buddy got fired. There was no laying off about it; this dude got fired. I'll miss him because he's one of those people who would be the subject of this conversation:

PERSON: Hey, do you know Leon?

HOOD RAT: Hell yeah I know me some Leon!

PERSON: What do you think of him?

HOOD RAT: Dat fool don't give a f----k!!!!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, beyond being a stand up individual at least 98.5% of the time Leon was they type of person who didn't give a f----k and for that he was and is one of my heroes.

So Leon, I know you will be reading this blog post eventually, so let me just say this:

1) I'm sorry for using your name in this post. It felt appropriate and you're not sitting next to me in the office anymore to talk me out of doing so.

2) You're the freakin' GUY, man. I'll come up to Queens more often. We'll hang.

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