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Dear Cosi Lobster Melt Sandwich:

Dear Cosi Lobster Melt Sandwich:

Let me start off by saying, this is not at all like me. My family and friends know me as a calm and cool player when it comes to these sorts of things. Today, it seems, all that has changed because although we have only just met, I think I may be in love with you.

I don't want to go into specifics, but when we met during my lunch break I was strangely drawn to you. Could it have been the way the cheese melted away at your sides like water from a bubbling spring? Could it have been the sent of your delicious spices? Could it have been that you came with a side of chips? One can never be sure what attracts two lovers, but whatever "it" is, I feel as though we shared it.

Cosi Lobster Melt Sandwich, as we shared those delicious moments together, savouring every nibble upon the edges of your flat bread exterior, I began to imagine a future where you and I were as one in the throws of affection. With all hopes of not seeming too direct, I have already made copies of the keys to my apartment for you to have. There is no extra room, but I will not be discrete in my hopes that your resolve to the lack of space would be to join me in my room (or the refrigerator where you will be waiting for me when I am, again, over thrown by uncontrollable hunger). The choice is yours.

So Cosi Lobster Melt Sandwich, I plan to see you again very soon. Perhaps for dinner sometime this weekend or for lunch during a lunch break next week. We will speak of politics and share secrets of our love. Our spicy, delicious, cheese melted love.


Mr. Q.Ledbetter, the First.