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A conversation between Q.Ledbetter and his new pimple.

Q.Ledbetter is conversing with the pimple on his forehead. Let's listen in, shall we?


Q: What?! Who's that? Where is that oh so sinister laughter coming from.

PIMPLE: It is, I. Pimp Pimple! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Q: Oh. You. What do you want this time?

PIMPLE: I have set camp on your forehead to terrorize you on your dates and interactions with women.

Q: Oh yeah?

PIMPLE: Yes! Women will run for the hills as soon as they see me perched atop your dome. They will rally in restrooms and local coffee shops to trade gossip stories, not about meeting you, but of meeting ME!!!!

Q: What women?

PIMPLE: What do you mean, 'What women'?

Q: I mean, exactly that. What women?

PIMPLE: Why, the women with whom you go on dates with, Q.Ledbetter.

Q: Are you sure you have the right Q.Ledbetter?

PIMPLE: I'm positive! *thunder crash* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Q: Sorry, dude. The only women I encounter on a daily basis are the women at work and I mean....c'mon....They're only really interested in how quickly I can put together a spreadsheet.

PIMPLE: Really?

Q: Yes. Oh, and the weather. Everyone at work seems to be very interested in the weather.

PIMPLE: Well then...I suppose my timing is a bit off.

Q: Way off.

PIMPLE: Hmmm...would you like to go out on a date with me?!

Q: Ummm...are you a female pimple?

PIMPLE: Yes. Can't you tell?!

Q: No, I can't actually. Your voice is very gender neutral.

PIMPLE: My name is Leslie.

Q: That can be a dude's name, too.

PIMPLE: Well, I'm not.

Q: Sure. Well...I was going to go to a movie tonight. You're welcome to roll with me. In any case, you're attached to my forehead, so I guess you'll be coming along anyways.


Q: What now?

PIMPLE: I'm going to ruin this date, Q.Ledbetter! I'm going to RUIN IT! You'll look hideous.

Q: Fair enough. I really wanna see "Up".

PIMPLE: Me, too. I hear it's very touching.