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Complainy McComplainstein

Last year someone replied to a blog saying that I complain too much about everything. I disagree, but my last couple blogs have been a bit bitchy. Here is a list of things that are awesome that I've had the pleasure of taking part in recently:

-Falling asleep to rain

-Performing my music

-Laura Marling (Buy her music.)

-The Cold War Kids (Buy their music...especially their second album)

-Family time

-Living in NYC

-Sleeping on the couch on weekends just because I can

-Getting home at sunrise

-Making fun of hipsters with Ryan Conner and Mike Cummings

-Making fun of hipsters making fun of us

-Writing and recording a new EP

-Shooting Amanda Diva's weekly Diva Speak TV Mini's

-Talking about shooting/producing a real show with Amanda Diva and Co.

-Rising above

-Watching movies

-Writing movies

-Playing guitar

-Making music

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Life is grand most of the time, isn't it?