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Quincy Ledbetter Reminder: Fandango has an Overwhelming Offer available ...

These words were welcoming me as I ventured into my e-mail inbox. I see what they were going for, but I was a little uncomfortable what it was saying. The use of the word "overwhelming" in this case makes it seems like I shouldn't pursue their offer because I wouldn't be able to handle it. It sounds more like a warning than any promise of good fortune.

Mind yourself Quincy Ledbetter. These savings will kick your ass bloody!

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't had much to say about anything, but now I have something to say. I plan on starting an Internet beef with Spencer Pratt. Google him if you don't know who he is; or just read the post from two or three blogs ago.

More news has been released via Mtv News that Spencer is taking this rap thing seriously now. Now, I haven't seen The Hills, so I can't comment on his acting ability, but something tells me that it can't be as bad as his rapping. He should end this fruitless pursuit or I shall end it for him with my deep roots in the music industry and boundless clout with top executives.

NOTE: I'm being sarcastic....kind of.

So the Internet beef starts now. Whenever I see Spencer I will welcome his presence with a series of crude looks served with a side order of indifference. I am confident that Spencer Pratt is someone I could take in a fight. This says a lot because I'm as weak as they come when it comes to physical confrontation.

I've lost my voice. I had a show lined up that I had to cancel because my voice went on me. I was hella bummed. I still am actually.

I like ending blogs on a dark note, so that will be that.