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...and the winner for Most Inappropriate Plug goes to


There are two key points in this interview that offer some insight as to what could have possibly caused Michael Jackson's behavior over the years.

1) Joe Jackson (MJ's father) says about his family, "We're very heart broken. We've lost the greatest entertainer of all time." about referring to your recently passed son as YOUR SON and not "the greatest entertainer of all time".

This maybe just me reading too much into the statement. You could attribute that to Joe Jackson's old age. He just wasn't thinking straight. Right?! I mean surely he cares about his son passing away and is deeply saddened and affected by the loss.

Oh wait--

2) At the 3:13 mark of the video (via the link above) Joe Jackson calls up a business partner and they plug their new record label. Right. Naturally. You're being interviewed and asked how you feel about your beloved son's - oh excuse me - your entertainer's death. What better time to promote your label.

So Joe Jackson wins the gold medal for Most Inappropriate Plug in the Douche-Bag Olympics.


UPDATE: More mention of the record label at the 2:37 mark and the 4:24 mark of this video presconference.

The ideal thing to do would be to stop mentioning it all together. Even Al Sharpton should know that.