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I'm not good at proving points.

My roommate/best good buddy Mr. Ryan Conner forwarded me a video of a high school freestyle battle. (NOTE: I tried to find the video on YouTube, but I gave up after the first try. Sorry.) One of the contestants had a wayward way about him. He was just "off". I thought he was mentally challenged, but Ryan argued that he was just a bit nuts. He won the argument. Here's how:

Me: Dude, look at this guy. He's clearly mentally challenged.

Ryan: You don't mean fully retarded, right?

Me: Yes.

Ryan: No way. Look at him. The only thing off about him is the look on his face and the way he's standing. He's just really slow; not retarded.

Me: He's retarded, man. Look at Forrest Gump. He was really slow, but he was fully mentally challenged.

Ryan: *pause*

Me: Wait...Forrest Gump didn't really exist, did he?

Ryan: Nope. He didn't.

Me: So I guess the point I'm trying to make doesn't really make much sense, huh?

Ryan: Nope.

Me: Alright, you win.