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I work in an office. I have a great job, but it's the complete opposite of what I want to do with my life, so I spend most of my time scheming on how to get out of needing to work a regular job. I was thinking about setting the foundations for my criminal enterprise, but then I saw The First 48 on A&E and realized that I just don't have the chops for it.

LESSON LEARNED: The police will find you.

It's all for the better, though. I'm good at everything except crime, so it's back to the drawing board.

I'm from Virginia (DC Metro area to be exact) and I live in New York. Needless to say, there are some key differences between me and the people that live here. I have always thought that "The Monkey" was a term to describe any type of STD. For example, "You'd better stay away from that one, dog. She got dat monkey!" My co-workers had never heard of this term and I thought they were crazy. They said it was probably a southern thing. I inquired to other people who are from where I'm from and they've never heard of this term either. That got me to wondering where I had heard this term before. I can't remember.

LESSON LEARNED: Test the validity of witty slang and phrases before applying them to the vocabulary.

...and now some random thoughts
I've done nothing to Mike Tyson to make him want to inflict bodily harm on me, but if I saw him on the street, I think I would make moves in the opposite direction. The guy once threatened to eat some one's babies. Yuck. I also just saw a photo of him sitting on an expensive couch, holding a puppy. He looked very gentle. Now I don't know what to think :/

Dealing with important people is difficult until you become important, as well. At which point, you will probably become difficult to deal with. In essence, we're all striving to be inaccessible by making ourselves more accessible to people who are inaccessible.

There are people who have private Twitter accounts. I imagine this is because they don't want people to know what they're doing.
*blank stare*


The sun is out for the first time in what seems like a whole week and a half. I plan on doing some frolicking in the city. Not enough people frolic. I think we should go back to that. More people need to frolic and skip and hold hands. New York is the place to do it.

If life were a musical, then frolicking would be common place.