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Spencer Pratt

After you click the above link you will come across yet another sign of the Apocalypse. Spencer Pratt has taken it upon himself to embark on a rap career. He calls himself "The White Jay-Z" and notes that the only rappers he is feeling right now are Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and Gucci Mayne. He also said that he is trying to stay in the lane of ring-tone rap.


Saying you're trying to create ring-tone rap is like purposely acting retarded so you can try to hook up with a hot nurse who works at a care facility. It's like the plot of a really bad movie.

I got a new guitar this weekend. It's pretty much bad ass, but I got it for all the wrong reasons. Nothing is wrong with my Fender acoustic....nothing at all. What happened was, my roommate came home with a new guitar and it sounds sweet as crap. It's like he went to Heaven's guitar-making factory and stole their finest one in stock. It doesn't use steel or nylon strings. It's made with angel hair.

Anyways, I went to try out guitars yesterday (Sunday) and ended up buying a Taylor electric-acoustic that sounds close to my roommate's new guitar. His is still better, but mine is comparable, which is cool. Since I'm doing live shows now I figured I should get a guitar that would make my playing sound a bit better.

YOU: Quincy, I'm sure this is interesting to people who find this interesting, but I'm not interested. You should definitely talk about something else before I stop reading this blog.

ME: Yeah, you're probably right.

This weekend I was in a diner with friends. The waitress came by and asked us for our orders. I wanted the Cajun chicken fingers with seasoned fries because they looked appealing in the picture from the menu. There was one problem though...cole slaw. I hate cole slaw. I don't even like the way it sounds or looks, let alone the taste. It's gross.

Anyways, the waitress came by and the following exchange took place:

HER: Can I get you guys anything?

ME: Yes, I'll have the Cajun chicken fingers with fries, but could I get a different side besides cole slaw?

HER: It comes with the cole slaw.

ME: Right, but could I exchange the cole slaw for another side? I really don't like cole slaw.

HER: It's not a side. It just comes with it.

ME: So I can't exchange it for something different?

HER: No, it comes with it so you can't exchange it for something different.

ME: Ok, well could you come back in a few minutes, so I can decide on something else?

HER: Well, everything comes with cole slaw, so no matter what you get it'll come with the cole slaw.

ME: Oooooooh! I thought the cole slaw was a side dish and I wasn't allowed to exchange it for another one of your sides. But, now I everything comes with the cole slaw?

HER: Yes.

ME: Ok, I didn't understand. I'll have the Cajun chicken fingers with the fries, then.

See what happened there? Simple ass mistake. When I see cole slaw in a picture with an order of food and I don't see cole slaw in any of the other pictures of food, then I think cole slaw only comes with the dish with which it is pictured. So, after this whole thing the waitress had an attitude with me the rest of the night. I didn't notice it because I'm oblivious to things like that, but all of my friends confirmed that:

a) I was an ass. Not a mean sort of ass, but a "Geez, this guy is a f---kin' idiot" sort of ass.

b) The waitress hated me and gave me mean looks the whole time we were there.

I didn't notice she had a problem with me until she refilled my lemonade and rudely reached across my face and over my food to put it on the table.

I have problems when I got to restaurants. I always have particular orders, but I'm always nice and polite. I think my kindness should over rule my specific desires when selecting a dish to eat. I think that's fair.

Okay, bye.