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I need more perspective on this (specifically from Black Men)

Follow this link and read the article from The Huffington Post.

I was on my lunch break yesterday and saw this report when it aired live. As I watched the report I couldn't believe that someone at CNN thought it would be a good idea to do a few minutes on how "black" President Obama is. I was so shocked that at first I couldn't even determine whether or not I should have been angry. Being a black male in America is difficult enough without our stereotypical mannerisms being mocked by Kyra Phillips (the female news anchor) on my lunch break.

NOTE: Check the moment at the end of the interview when she insists on receiving a fist bump from T.J. Holmes. Are you serious?!

I grew up surrounded by black men in my family and I am a witness to the FACT that not all black men replace "ER" or "OR" with an "A" at the end of words like "swagger". My father never has. Not all of us walk with a limp and give each other pounds instead of shaking hands. When I was 7 years old, I didn't go to a special school where I learned the mannerisms I was supposed to have because of the color of my skin. I graduated from a predominately black University and most of the students I partnered with didn't shuck and jive due to some predetermined Swagga Gene received at birth.

We are in a day in age when such associations are unjustifiable. Truth be told, I know more white people with the alleged "swagga" described in this news cast.

In a nutshell, I did not find the story to be humorous or the slightest bit accurate. I, however, am more disappointed than angry. Keep in mind, I am a black male in America. Being associated with the "swagga" stereotype happens more than you can possibly believe. Honestly, if one more person is blown away at how articulate I am (as if I'm not supposed to be), I'm going to explode. My point is I expected better out of a national news channel.

But, enough about what I think. What are YOUR thoughts?????